Is it Safe? Is it Useful? Yes! It’s a Vaccine!

As you can see from the evidence in my last blog “The Pandemic of the Millennium”, it is clear how important vaccination is to prevent diseases which can potentially be fatal.

So then why is it that over the years there has been so many questions asking about the safety and efficacy of these vaccines? Or maybe the public think that pharmaceutical companies are actually just trying to scam us for our money? How did these questions even come about?!

Image result for how vaccines work
Lets remind ourselves how Vaccines work… 

The first case of misunderstanding of vaccines came from the Measles-Mumps-Rubella vaccine scandal in the late 1990s… This vaccine is given to children approximately 1 year old, but at this age, signs of autism also start to occur in children who have developed it.

Coincidence? I know! But this does not mean the two are linked, because if they were, wouldn’t we have generations in the population with a significantly higher percentage of autism than others?

However, there is still a consensus that vaccines cause autism despite there being no valid scientific research proving this, as the only paper that was published ‘proving’ this link was retracted for being fraud.

Hence the MMR Vaccine IS safe, and there is NO proof that is causes autism.

But why is there still a problem?
Some say that it’s safer having 3 separate vaccines for each Measles, Mumps and Rubella, rather than having it all as one. However, if you were to know how much bacteria, viruses and fungal spores that your immune system is exposed to on a daily basis, presenting as little as 3 viruses in a weakened state (that are 99.9% unlikely to infect you), is nothing compared to the greater picture, as explained in the video below.

Even if it is not the MMR vaccine, the public can still be hesitant towards receiving vaccines and hence can have a passive acceptance (accepting without knowing why they are having it) or a refusal of the vaccine.

This hesitancy can be formed from the lack of information the patient has on what the vaccine is, does and how it works, and more importantly, what it is preventing. In a first world country such as the UK or USA, we are not exposed so such widespread fatal diseases as we can more than likely be treated for these diseases easily, whether that is a cure, or a supportive therapy.

This leads to a diminished active demand for the vaccine, where the public are not appreciating the benefits of the vaccines they are able to take to prevent these awful diseases from becoming so widespread.

Lastly, vaccines are also useful for providing immunity to those who are too ill or weak to be vaccinated, this is called herd immunity. These individuals who need to be protected, are by the people around them being vaccinated, and therefore if the people around them can’t get a disease, the chances of these few individuals developing said disease becomes minimal.

If you didn’t notice before… the title of this blog was inspired by none other than superman…

“Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No! It’s Superman!”

“Is it safe? Is it useful? Yes! It’s a vaccine!”

So if the public attitude changes towards vaccines and start accepting them, maybe then through vaccination we can protect ourselves even more so in the future.


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